Thursday 24 February 2005

Use it or lose it

I've written a few times for Image and Data Manager (aka IDM) magazine now and in the recently published Jan/Feb 2005 edition you'll find my latest article, Use it or lose it.

In this article I investigate the relationship between usability, measuring results and success with technology. For the article I interviewed Tony Biddle, a consultant from UsabilityOne, and spoke with Kevin O'Donnell from the Australian Institute for Project Management. I worked with Kevin at Ernst & Young for a while and he has applied his content management skills to improve usage of the AIPM Website - a great example that shows getting good usage isn't always about having the coolest site, but about getting users to the information and resources they need.

BTW You can find an archive of past articles on my Website and my most recent article will be added in due course. Look out for a critical review of Wiki technology in a future edition of IDM.

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