Thursday 20 January 2005

e3 stylus replacement for old PDAs

Recently I acquired an old Palm Vx PDA. Having been a Psion Series 3 fan many years ago (would you believe I used it to write Uni assignments on it back in the early 1990s) I did try a Series 5, but after the flap mechanism broke and I had trouble syncing with a corporate network I gave up. One thing I know about PDAs is that for them to effective it really has to be all or nothing. Anyway I decided to wait and see how the new PDA/phone combos evolved before buying a new one... then someone gave me this Palm Vx. I thought, ok I'll give it a go and see how it fits in with how I work.

I had great fun in the first few days checking it out and even signed up for the AvantGo service so I could read the Sydney Morning Herald on the train when I travel up to Sydney. Then I promptly lost the stylus. That's when my troubles began. The cheapest replacements I could find initially were going to cost around A$30-A$40. You can almost buy a new PDA for double that now, so I decided that wasn't cost effective enough. Afterall I was just after a bit of plastic!

A bit more googling and I finally discovered a product by BIC called e3. This pen has a PDA stylus, pen and pencil in a single unit. It's not quite what I want but at only A$10 it's cheap enough and hopefully chunky enough that I won't lose it. The only odd thing is that in Sydney at least the only retailer who I could find that stocks the e3 is WC Penfold's.

PS I do miss my Series 3. RIP.

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